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New Urban Modern Main St. Coach House, Vancouver now in Coquitlam BC

Tiny Vancouver Coach House Going For Nearly $1.5 Million now available in 
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g. addition or renovation) to your home. This increased value may be reflected in increased property taxes and may impact your eligibility for the Homeowner Grant. As of 2016, homeowners with a coach house may qualify for partitioning, which allows the value of the property to be divided by the number of residences.

Yes, to ensure the impacts of additional dwelling units are accounted for, the City charges multi-unit dwellings (including single family properties with a secondary suite and/or coach house) fees for water, sanitary, storm, recycling, refuse, and organics collection. In 2018, the multi-unit fee is $568. 57 per unit. This fee is collected in addition to the fee for single unit dwellings, which is $1,188.

Growing Demand For Vancouver Laneway Homes now in Richmond BCFloating Home Real Estate For Sale - now in North Vancouver BC

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With real estate prices rising rapidly in many Canadian cities, property owners are looking to get as much value as possible from the expensive land that their homes are sitting on. For some, that might include building an addition to a house to maximize living space, or turning a basement into a separate suite to generate rental income, or provide housing to an adult child or elderly parent.

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Referred to as laneway homes, coach houses, or garden suites, these secondary homes are popping up in cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa. But what exactly are these secondary homes, and does it make financial sense to build one? Here’s what to consider when determining if a laneway home, coach house or garden suite is a good investment for you.

If your lot is adjacent to a public laneway and the secondary home faces or backs onto the lane, it’s called a laneway house. If there’s no lane, the secondary home is called a coach house or garden suite. Either way, the secondary home’s utilities and services—including water, gas and electricity—are usually connected to the main home rather than to the street.

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two-storey dwellings with a basement. They can be occupied by the owners as additional living space, used as a nanny or granny suite, or set up as rental properties. Not all municipalities currently allow the construction of secondary homes. And those that do have different rules about which properties qualify and how to get approval to build.

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In Toronto, however, by-law amendments passed in 2018 allow “as-of-right” laneway housing. That means if your lot borders an eligible laneway and meets all the specified regulations (including minimum proximity to a fire hydrant), you can build a laneway home without special zoning approval. (Owners still need a building permit from the city, of course, but that’s no different from any construction project.) Some cities in Canada, such as Edmonton, have similar “as-of-right” rules to build coach houses or garden suites.

Depending on the housing market in your area, the increase in property value can be significantly greater than what you spent on construction, which will pay off when/if you decide to sell. The Toronto homeowner mentioned above, for example, is renting out his one-bedroom laneway suite for $1,800 a month.

If the homeowner had bought a one-bedroom condo in Toronto instead as an income property, he would have paid nearly twice as much (about $575,000, at current market rates). The higher mortgage payments—not to mention the monthly condo fees—would far exceed the rent he could get on the place. Clearly, the laneway home is a much better investment. coach house rentals langley bc.

Rt-5 Zoning & Strata Coach Homes - Vancouver Real Estate now available in Coquitlam BC

Her daughter and son-in-law couldn’t afford to buy a home in Vancouver for themselves and their three kids, as even the smallest detached homes there now sell for close to $2 million. So, Mom came to the rescue, building a nicely sized 1,040-sq.-ft. laneway home at about a quarter of the cost, which the couple now owns jointly with her.

Here are the main pros and cons. You can choose to rent out a laneway home, use it as a guest house or home office space, provide accommodations for a child or parent—or do all of the above at different periods in your life. In cities where even rental accommodations are prohibitively high, a laneway home can be an affordable option for an adult child or downsizing parents who might otherwise have to leave the city.

Building another home on your property is not for the faint of heart. It’s loud, dirty and there are always at least a few unexpected problems that can derail your plans and cause delays. In most cases, you’ll have to give up some of your backyard to build a laneway home.

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In 2020, about 100 laneway houses were either built or ready to be built in Toronto, and another 300 were approved in Vancouver. But demand to build secondary homes could take off in the next year or two as homeowners see them pop up in their communities and become aware of the benefits.

FAQs Depending on where you live, it’s either impossible or extremely challenging to sell a laneway home unless you’re selling the entire property—including the main house. That’s because you’d have to sever the lot, and most municipalities won’t allow it. After all, the whole point of encouraging the construction of laneway homes and garden suites is to create more rental housing in cities where rents are becoming unaffordable, not to build more homes for sale.

The value of your property is essentially the price another buyer is willing to pay for it - laneway house vancouver price. Buyers will, obviously, pay a premium for a property that has a second home that can be rented out, house relatives or provide additional space to live and work. How much more a buyer is willing to pay depends entirely on the housing market where you live.

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Or, you can help out a family member with affordable housing so they don’t have to move to a cheaper suburb or city. Just be sure you are in compliance with all the bylaws and regulations in your region, or the city will step in—as was the case with this illegal Toronto coach house.

With high ceilings, a more spacious interior (due to the lack of an interior stairwell) and a little less shading on the garden, it's no surprise these homes are becoming increasingly popular for Vancouverites.



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